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Best Film

12th International Berdyansk

Film Festival 2009

Best Film Music

12th International Berdyansk

Film Festival 2009


Sadık, aka Janjan,is a mentally handicapped man generally beloved by his conservative village. His brother Ahmet, lives in Germany and in his absence has assigned a relative as Janjan's protector; an old man called Murtaza. Murataza marries a young woman Güzel thanks to the money he collects from taking care of Janjan. When impotent Murtaza realizes Güzel is pregnant, he kicks Janjan out of his home. The village sides with Murtaza because Janjan has shamed him. It is also decided to send Güzel back to her parents. Subsequently, a series of unfortunate events having to do with Janjan and Güzel create turmoil in the small village. Meanwhile Ahmet returns from Germany where he has been having his own personal and family struggles balancing the conservative and modern Turkish and German identities.

Director: Aydın Sayman

Cast: Berk Hakman, Selen Seyyen, Çetin Öner, Levent Yılmaz, Aykut Oray

Length: 95 minutes

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