The Serpents Tale (Karanlık Sular)

The Serpents Tale poster

Best Film

Turkish Film Critics Association

(SİYAD) 1996

Best Director

Turkish Film Critics Association

(SİYAD) 1996

Best Screenplay

Turkish Film Critics Association

(SİYAD) 1996

Best Film

Writers Union of Turkey


Jury's Choice

Ankara International Film

Festival 1995

Special Prize

Istanbul International Film

Festival 1994

Best Film Nomination

Mystfest Italy 1994


Ataman’s first full-length film is a strangely interesting vampire-horror-psychological mystery set in Istanbul’s early 90s. The deliberately confusing story purports to be a retelling of a futuristic tale written in the late 1800s by a descendent of Ottoman royalty who met a tragic end. The cast of characters include: the missing and presumed to be dead Haldun. Haldun’s mother Lamia, her controlling yet dependent businessman boyfriend, an American researcher turned hitman, a French linguist and of course an 800 year old child/vampire. The plot is wound around Istanbul’s disintegrating landmarks, showing the degeneration and destruction of the city as it exhumes and entombs both recent and ancient history.

Director: Kutluğ Ataman

Cast: Gönen Bozbey, Metin Uygun, Daniel Chace, Eric Pio, Bilgin Özsun, Beste Çınarcı, Haluk Kurdoğlu, Tülin Oral, Semiha Berksoy

Length: 83 minutes

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