Blue Lodge (Mavi Pansiyon)

Blue Lodge poster


Due to a past breakup, Ahmet lives life as the sort of man who doesn't believe in love, a playboy who entertains himself with frivolous relationships without the risk of heartbreak. Until his summer vacation.

In a small, resort town on the Aegean Sea, Ahmet checks in to the Blue Lodge. The next morning he meets two friends who are also staying at his hotel. One of the girls, Bahar, is attracted to Ahmet's personality and distinctive world view, but Ahmet's determination to stay away from love prevents anything serious from developing between them. Eventually he sleeps with her friend Esra. Meanwhile, the handsome Koray courts Bahar. Among the occupants of the Lodge there is also a group of filmmakers, a German-Turkish couple Halil and Erica and the husband and wife who own the Lodge, Kerim and Zeynep. In this setting, the winds of change start blowing on the people of the Blue Lodge.

Director: Nezih Ünen

Cast: Yunus Güner, Fadik Sevin Atasoy, Özlem Tekin, Nathalie Griffin, Pelin Acar

Length: 97 minutes