The Stranger (Yabancı)

The Stranger poster


Özgür is the daughter of parents who, following the revolutionary struggle, took refuge in France after the coup d’etat of 1980. She is born and raised in Paris, having never visited Turkey. Her mother passed away when she was a child and Özgür is raised by her father. Özgür is a young woman who is seriously disconnected from life, a “stranger” to everything but mostly to herself.

The story begins with the death of Hüseyin, Özgür’s father, in Paris. A letter Hüseyin deeply effects her. She comes to İstanbul with her father’s body.

Director: Filiz Alpgezmen

Cast: Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Caner Cindoruk, Serkan Keskin, Xavier Clion, Selen Uçer

Length: 96 minutes