Bekleme Odası (The Waiting Room)

Bekleme Odası poster


Valencia Film Festival 2004

Best Director

Istanbul International

Film Festival 2004

Best Supporting Actress

Antalya Golden Orange

Film Festival 2003


The concluding film in the filmmaker’s “Tales About Darkness” trilogy that includes the previous two features. It tells the story of Ahmet, a widely esteemed film director but who nonetheless feels worthless and struggles to wrap up his adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. The prospect of work fills him with torpor and he is indifferent in his relationship with his girlfriend. He’s momentarily moved when he toys with the notion of casting a burglar he caught breaking into his place as the a that asks whether a man ruled by egotism and arrogance can deliberately choose positive values such as spirituality and solitude. Can the exalted status that used to be granted only to heroes, as reward for their suffering, be taken on by the selfish, morally troubled anti-hero of today?

Süre: 92 dakika

Yönetmen: Zeki Demirkubuz

Oyuncular: Nurhayat Kavrak, Serdar Orçin, Ufuk Bayraktar, Nilüfer Açıkalın, Zeki Demirkubuz, Eda Toksöz

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