Lalelide Bir Azize (A Madonna in Laleli)

Lalelide Bir Azize poster

Lalelide Bir Azize (A Madonna in Laleli)


In a high-crime area of Istanbul called Laleli, a pimp and his two friends try to sell a blond Russian prostitute as a "virgin" to a rich businessman. However, they lose both the down payment and the girl to four thugs who appear from nowhere. An adventure-detective genre film with evident influences of Quentin Tarantino, Lalelide Bir Azize is bound to enter into Turkish film history as the first with the most swear words in it. A first film from film-school graduate Kudret Sabanci, this plot is a realistic approach to the dark side of life, and it can be viewed independently or with its sequel, Gemide.

Süre: 85 dakika

Yönetmen: Kudret Sabancı

Oyuncular: Güven Kıraç, İştar Göksever, Cengiz Küçükayvaz, Ella Manea

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