Hazan Mevsimi (A Fairground Attraction)

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This is the bitter and brief story of two desperate lovers, that takes place on a fairground. The story of Cemal, a layman working at the construction site near the fairground, and of Necla, a wandering chanteuse reciting at the tents of any fairground. Both incapable of settling down. Both living life like a rolling stone, wandering where ever the wind may blow. Although it looks like a fun and magnificent way of life, working on the fairground is certainly not what it seems…

Süre: 113 dakika

Yönetmen: Mehmet Eryılmaz

Oyuncular: Fatih Al, Zumrut Erkin, Erol Babaoğlu, Ahu Sıla Bayer, Tarık Köksal, Halil Kumova, Figen Yalçın, Erol Tezeren

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