Turkish film gets top award at ADIEFF


Ruya Arzu Koksal`s documentary Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan (A Few Brave People) returns with top honor from Abu Dhabi International Environmental Film Festival. Following her Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival special jury award winner Ordu`da Bir Argonot (An Argonaut in Ordu) (2010), Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan had premiered at 2011 !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival. Most recent from Koksal`s environmentally themed filmography, Bir Avuç Cesur İnsan, describes the struggle of the residents of the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, against the dam projects targeting the area`s rivers. The rivers in the area to be rented to private companies by the government to construct hydroelectric stations, resulting in substantial damage to the environment. As some of the projects get close to completion, people of the neighboring towns stand up to prevent government from selling their rivers to corporations. This film chronicles their lives over this 3 year period, depicting their story of courage which for the most part, has been shunned by the media.

Turkish film gets top award at ADIEFF
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