Most popular Filmpot Turkish films on iTunes Turkey


As Filmpot we made 20 Turkish films available on iTunes Turkey so far. It has been three months since the launch and needless to say there are more in the pipe.

Among these 20, film lovers in Turkey made the following 3 films the most popular in the first 3 months:

1) Mavi Pansiyon (Blue Lodge), directed by Nezih Ünen

Coming to a small, beautiful town by the Aegean Sea, resuming his roguish behavior and hoping to have a nice vacation, Ahmet (Yunus Güner) meets two girls: Esra (Özlem Tekin), a free spirit like himself and more secluded and emotional Bahar (Fadik Atasoy). Ahmet can’t decide between them.

2) Geriye Kalan (What Remains), directed by Çiğdem Vitrinel

In a loveless marriage to the quiet and obsessive Sevda (Sebnem Hassanisoughi), successful hospital manager Cezmi (Erkan Bektaş) gives in to his attraction for single mother and co-worker Zuhal (Devin Özgür Çınar). Newly separated from a husband she still loves while mothering a son with health problems, winsome Zuhal is not the typical adulteress.

3) Anadolu’nun Kayıp Şarkıları (Lost Songs of Anatolia), directed by Nezih Ünen

A musical voyage among exotic places and people of Anatolia, unique host of ancient civilizations, empires as well as mythologies and glory of 10 millennia.


Most popular Filmpot Turkish films on iTunes Turkey
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