Sağ Salim (Safe and Sound) is now online on iTunes stores


As its sequel is enjoying a box office success in Turkey, director Ersoy Güler’s first feature Sağ Salim (Safe and Sound) is now available on iTunes stores in USA and Canada in addition to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and more.

Sag Salim

This fast paced farce begins with an apparently innocuous request from a village elder to take a recently deceased man to his home village for proper burial. Salim, the simple village man on which this request is bestowed, is afraid of death and by extension dead people, but he reluctantly agrees to take the dead man in his truck in order to incur good-will. Almost immediately after departure, Salim’s well-intended journey is complicated by car accidents, armed robbers, a damsel in distress and a mysterious drifter. The body count increases as the identities of the various individuals, living and dead are revealed leaving Salim culpable of heinous crimes and unable to return to the previous sleepy-village life that he once enjoyed.

Director: Ersoy Güler
Cast: Burçin Bildik, Alper Saldiran, Fulya Zenginer, Hüseyin Avni Danyal, Kenan Ece, Murat Akkoyunlu

Sağ Salim (Safe and Sound) is now online on iTunes stores
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