‘Turkish Film Channel’ trade name is used without authorization


We became aware that “Turkish Film Channel” directly has been used and/or claimed by third parties on various occasions. Furthermore a company named Altınsay Filmworks based in Istanbul, has filed a trademark registration application in Turkey claiming “Turkish Film Channel”. Filmpot LLC has filed a counter claim, which is currently being processed. Filmpot LLC is dedicated to protect its rights in US and Turkish courts if deemed necessary.

Turkish Film Channel is a registered trade name of Filmpot LLC since 2008 and is protected against unauthorized use.

We would also like to announce that Filmpot LLC has no business relationship or partnership in any form with the said company.

Therefore please notify us immediately by email at info@filmpot.com or info@turkishfilmchannel.com if you encounter any use of the trade name “Turkish Film Channel” by any digital platform not carrying Filmpot films or by anyone other than an authorized representative of Filmpot LLC.



Edit: Our counter claim has been accepted on the basis of previous use and obvious bad faith of the said company Altınsay Filmworks. More here

‘Turkish Film Channel’ trade name is used without authorization
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