What if the salt stinks?


You’d salt the meat when it stinks… what if the salt stinks?

In the midst of a night, an unexpected ferryboat approaches to the shores of a cute little town. On the deck, an inspector and his assistant – two highly commissioned authorities only assigned to very fragile cases concerning the government, scan the town from a distance.

Murky Waters, is the director’s first long feature. Turkish filmmaker Dersu Yavuz Altun, who has been awarded many times for his short features, attempts a rather non-exploited cinema style in Turkey, Film Noir; and tries to establish his feature in this kind of a cinematographic language. The director of photography is the famous İlker Berke, who has also worked in “Boats out of Watermelon Rinds”. The music of the film is created by Tolga Burkay, who has very quietly and unobtrusively created his own language in Turkish film industry. The leading roles are Ali Erkazan, İdil Fırat and Mahir İpek.

Feature’s main emotion is the individual’s historical stranded-ness who has long lost his chance to decide upon his own life and future. Structuring a universal story with its roots in our own social reality, the film sits tight at the center of a frame that aims to visualize and make visible the sickening emotional atmosphere of today’s corrupted world.

You can find more information about our latest addition here. As Filmpot we are going to do our best to make it available online on our partner channels as soon as possible!

What if the salt stinks?
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