A Cinematic World Tour in 100 days


Christopher Kelleher is an American author from Portland, Oregon. Beginning of 2013 he started his fantastic project named “Feedme Subtitles” with a goal to watch and write about one foreign film a day for 100 days.  He calls it “a cinematic world tour — with an emphasis on diversity of language, era, and style”.

On day 32, Mr Kelleher picked one of Filmpot‘s titles. He watched M. Fazil Coskun’s Uzak Ihtimal (Wrong Rosary), rated it 7.5/10.  Here is an excerpt of his reviewThe movie’s beauty stems from its delicacy, restraint, and attention to detail. I had concerns going in that it would be a formulaic romance or labored message-film about tolerance. In fact, the romance defies formula at every turn, particularly at the end, and the film exudes tolerance without ever telling us what to think.Here is the rest.

To find out more about Mr Kelleher’s cinematic world tour check out his website http://feedmesubtitles.com/

You can watch Uzak Ihtimal (Wrong Rosary) online on iTunesAmazon Instant Video, Ximon and MUBI.


A Cinematic World Tour in 100 days
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