Most Popular Turkish Films on iTunes Stores Worldwide


As Filmpot, being an iTunes aggregator, we published many Turkish films on iTunes stores worldwide including North America, Europe and Russia in addition to Turkey. For those who are curious about Turkish cinema, the following most popular Turkish films on international iTunes stores can be great ones to start the discovery with.

You might have noticed that majority of Turkish films on the international scene are dramas, however Turkish filmmakers make great comedies too. The fact that Aşk Geliyorum Demez (Game of Love), a romantic comedy, is in this list is a proof of that. Enjoy!


Zerre (The Particle)

zerre poster
Winner of Best Film and Best Actress awards in Moscow Film Festival in 2013, Zerre (The Particle), is the first feature of Turkish director Erdem Tepegöz. It is the story of Zeynep, a single mother who lives with her young daughter and aging mother in a fringe neighborhood of Istanbul.

 Zeynep’s days pass as she searches for a job in vain. She makes money on the side by doing menial jobs with the help of a couple of kind friends, but every day the situation seems to get worse. In the city of Istanbul, full of unemployment, people, their troubles and lives, are they as mundane, haphazard and tiny as myriad dispersed particles? What about Zeynep, clinging onto life with her little daughter and mother, how much space does she cover up in this immense Universe?

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Director: Erdem Tepegöz

Cast: Jale Arıkan, Rüçhan Çalışkur, Özay Fecht, Remzi Pamukçu, Ergun Kuyucu


Aşk Geliyorum Demez (Game of Love)

Ask Geliyorum Demez poster
Aşk Geliyorum Demez (Game of Love) is director Murat Şeker’s tribute to the old Turkish romantic comedies, and the cast has many seasoned Turkish actors including Altan Erkekli and Zeki Alasya.

 In the old shopping district of Istanbul, Mahmutpasa, when store owners face the threat of eviction because a rich businessman wants to build a new shopping mall on their estate, they turn to Ali the Playboy for help. Ali’s new mission is to meet the businessman’s daughter, Gözde, and have her fall in love with him.

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Director: Murat Şeker

Cast: Tolgahan Sayışman, Bergüzar Korel, Zeki Alasya, Altan Erkekli, Sarp Apak


Uzak İhtimal (Wrong Rosary)

Uzak İhtimal poster
Uzak İhtimal (Wrong Rosary) won many awards in both international and national festival circuits including Golden Tiger in Rotterdam. Director M. Fazıl Coşkun tells a peculiar love story that takes place in the wonderful atmosphere of modern-day Istanbul.

 Musa is a young muezzin who comes to Istanbul for the first time in his life. He is assigned to work in a mosque and receives an apartment in the Galata neighborhood. Upon his arrival he meets and falls for his next door neighbor Clara, a beautiful Catholic nurse. In the beginning, Musa is shy and confused about his feelings, but as time passes his love for Clara pervades his life.  This is a story of sensuality, love and grief growing in the anonymity of a large multicultural city.

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Director: M. Fazıl Coşkun

Cast: Nadir Sarıbacak, Görkem Yeltan, Ersan Ünsal

Most Popular Turkish Films on iTunes Stores Worldwide
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