Filmpot makes Turkish films easily accessible online around the globe


Filmpot LLC is actively working in Istanbul

Istanbul 18th of September, 2012 – FILMPOT LLC, founded in Seattle/USA, is now operating in Istanbul. The founders of FILMPOT wanted to satisfy the growing demand for quality Turkish cinema and an international team has been recruited to expand the business worldwide.

Filmpot– the one stop shop for online distribution of Turkish films

Filmpot’s mission is to enable worldwide audiences to easily access the Turkish films they seek online, while simultaneously creating a continuous revenue stream for the Turkish filmmakers. Working with directors, production companies and license aggregators, Filmpot is the one stop shop for online distribution channels for high quality Turkish content.

“With Filmpot we will create an international revenue stream for the Cinema of Turkey.”

The Turkish film industry is on the rise, capturing the attention of both local and international audiences with its increasing quality and sophistication. Turkish films have won awards at every major film festival in the world including: Cannes, Sundance, Tribeca, Locarno, Toronto, Venice, Rotterdam, Berlin, Valencia, Istanbul and London.

“The demand for quality Turkish films is growing abroad. There is a huge Turkish community living outside of the country. For these people gaining access to Turkish films is difficult. ” says  İlker Cengiz, managing partner of Filmpot. “Our goal is to make Turkish films easily accessible for both Turkish people abroad as well as foreign film enthusiasts.” Based on data from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign affairs approximately 5 million Turkish citizens are living abroad, of which around 4 million are in the EU member countries; 300.000 in North America, 150.000 in Australia and 200.000 in the Middle East.

Turkish films now available on digital outlets worldwide

Today Filmpot provides the only convenient source for Turkish films online, based on partnerships with digital outlets such as Apple and Amazon.  Thanks to these collaborations the comprehensive Filmpot film catalog is now available for streaming around the globe.

Filmpot have signed contracts with over 20 directors and production companies to date and are constantly working on acquiring rights of more films to add to their catalog, and continuing to build relationships with digital outlets worldwide. The current Filmpot portfolio contains 62 internationally acclaimed, award-winning feature films and documentaries.

Filmpot makes Turkish films easily accessible online around the globe
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