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As a filmmaker, what attracts me most in human nature is its dark side.” Zeki Demirkubuz

In 2006 Fiachra Gibbons of Guardian described him as “Zeki Demirkubuz is one of the utterly unclassifiable talents Turkish cinema has quietly produced to surprise, delight and challenge the world. He seems surprised that his serious films have struck such an international chord. Yet he is one of a select club of directors to have had two films competing at Cannes at the same time [Fate (2001) and Confession (2002)]…”

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In 2007 Film Society of Lincoln Center hosted a retrospective of Zeki Demirkubuz films titled “Mental Minefields: The Dark Tales of Zeki Demirkubuz“. He was described as a revolutionist of Turkish cinema: “Together with a handful of others, Demirkubuz has been leading a revolution in Turkish cinema for the past decade…. His protagonists all have astonishingly rich, varied and at times frightening personal psychologies, yet one never feels that their inner worlds are completely divorced from the external circumstances of their lives – or even their experiences in reality.

If you want to discover this great director, you can follow the retrospective MUBI launched: “Chasing Shadows: The Films of Zeki Demirkubuz”, which will last one full year. Enjoy!


Films of Zeki Demirkubuz
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