Wrong Rosary (Uzak Ihtimal)



Wrong Rosary (Uzak Ihtimal) is first feature of director Mahmut Fazil Coskun, and won Golden Leopard for Best Film in Rotterdam Film Festival.

Jennie Kermode of EyeForFilm says “Wrong Rosary is probably the best film to come out of Turkey all year, and one of the best romances made anywhere.”

“… Wrong Rosary tackles some weighty and topical issues relating to cultural and religious divides, but does so with a strain of gentle humour that prevents things from getting too preachy or worthy” Neil Young of Jigsaw Lounge.

With beautiful photography, shot in great city of Istanbul, Mahmut Fazil Coskun manages to tell delicate story of real people without relying on cliches.

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Wrong Rosary (Uzak Ihtimal)
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